I did it!

Woot!  Yay!  **throws confetti all over the place**

I got the store open and rolling on the first.  OMG, I thought I was going to lose my mind!  Well, as I have been told before that would imply that I had something of a mind to begin with. *snickers*  Ok, so now that the pressure is off I can breathe a little.

I have 4 (FOUR!) hunts going on, the What’s your Sign hunt started today.. the Twisted Hunt… the Falling in Love Hunt… and the Hunting for Role-play hunt.


And if that wasn’t enough I threw something new into the lucky chairs for ya’ll to try to win… it’s a cute little number that I’m going to work on and get around for release.  Tempting LC Blue

Then I also started a special Roawenwood only hunt.  I have scattered around the sim 10 little clusters of glowing mushrooms for everyone to find with prizes in them.  They are nice items, most not in the store even at this point.  Check out the sign at the store and see an example of what you’re looking for.

I’m seriously on the cusp of exhaustion so I’m taking it easy… and hope ya’ll are enjoying yourselves with what I’ve been having going on around the store.  I’m planning on hopefully putting some newness in the lucky chairs and getting the midnight mania boards back up this week. I might write up a blog post of some of the new items that were released this week… or I’ll edit this one later *grins*  But I gotta get right now… food is almost done!

Take care!


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