25L Tues Lovin

Woot!  I was able to get into this weeks 25L round.  It’s been tough even with a little bit of warning of when reservations are going to be I keep missing them.  Hard to catch the right time and I swear… Tea Service - Towerscouts honor the last time I actually got into the round… it was almost entirely full ‘cept for a couple in the time it took me to get the notice reservations were open, try to tp there, crash, log back in and go to the spot.  *laughs*  All of maybe 10 minutes?  15 tops…. sooooo ya, I’m not getting into the rounds so well.

Sooooooo I put out something that I don’t have in my store even…. an animated tea tray with the tower pose.  It runs through the kneel, and then sits with the tray propped on your hands.  It’s not too bad, though I’d probably mess with it a wee bit more for an actual release it looks good.  Silver tray and gives out cups of tea to drink on click.

I also marked down the Skulls n Denim outfit.  Figured for the time of year why not… and I like that one even if not everyone does.

So for today only you can get these wonderful items for just 25L.

I’ll have more tomorrow, it is after all Hump Day.  I’m trying to decide when to put out more of my Halloween/Autumn type stuff.  Don’t want to too early, cuz yanno… well… you just don’t, but don’t want to wait TOO long either.  Plus plus…. it’s just well……… FUN!

Talk to you all soon.


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