Two lil things to tempt you this Hump Day

Hello hello, things are going so crazy round me lately I swear I almost forgot it was Wednesday.  It’s awful when that sort of thing happens… end up feeling rather disconnected.  Anyhow… I have a couple things today.  An outfit and a chore.Scrub Bucket v2

The chore is something I’ve been meaning to redo.  It’s the floor scrubbing buckets however with a twist.  When I was first reading the Gorean novels there was a spot where these girls were scrubbing the floors and as the men walked down the corridor boots ringing out they threw themselves to their belly out of respect for them until they passed… only then raising themselves up to resume their labors.  This little thought always tickled me.  I know I’m odd… and onwards we go…. so my idea for my buckets was to have them to be able to be a bit more interactive… at least this is my hope.  Finally I got down to it and got them done.  These buckets not only have TWO different floor scrubbing animations in them, they also have 8 other poses for the role-player.  Most of them are rather submissive in nature though I did include a kneeling animation without the hands crossed at the wrists… or the thighs parted real wide so others outside of a Gorean atmosphere could use it still.  Lower in prims it weighs in at 5 so it won’t eat up your allowance too badly either.  So while scrubbing away at those floors no longer do you have to hastily jump from your place to find an appropriate kneel or way to Pinstriped BLUEaddress someone as they approach!  I think that’s rather nifty myself.

Now onto the outfit.  This little number is rather cute, flaunting your curves, laced up the sides but leaving enough to the imagination and all without showing off too much for the more modest.  Though around my place modest is rather subjective… it is still riding high on the thighs barely covering, hehe.  It’s aptly entitled “Pinstriped”!  Dark toned and done in 4 different colors this time… Red, black, blue, and brown.

So that’s my offering for this Hump Day… I have sooooooooo much coming up soon that I can barely contain myself.  I have lots of content, hunts galore, and the sim should be opening up very very soon!  OMG I just am beside myself… not sure what to do first!  Trying to not get too weighed down too!

Have a great week and I hope ya’ll are doin well.


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