Can you feel it?

The anticipation… it’s killin me.  I’m working extra hard because tomorrow…. (OMG!) tomorrow I’m going to be getting the sim around to open back up.  I have lots of last minute things to do and things to get ready!

I feel like the rabbit in Alice of Wonderland… “I’m late, I’m late!”

It took way longer than anticipated to get a build done.  I tried several and nothing was working… the one I had planned flopped horribly.  Then it became an exercise in trying to not pull out all of my lovely long hair in finding something that I could live with.  I don’t know if ya’ll know yet but I’m something of a perfectionist in some ways and a build that doesn’t *feel* right will make me very uncomfortable.  It took try after try after try….. and I found something unexpectedly that will work…………………….. for now.  I figure I can torment and tweak the thing or change it later if I need to but right now it suits.

A rather relaxing build, things are categorized pretty well, though…….. fair warning.  It’s big.  I figure if you’re going to do it, might as well go big!  Woot!  I do believe though that anyone that is close to me or knows me even a little bit has threatened bodily injury to me if I so much as breathe the word rebuild anytime soon.  I swear it, I’m not making this up.  Anyhow…. so get ready!  Tomorrow.  I’m not promising it will be like 7 am and me standing at the landing zone all done… nuh, should know me better than that.  But tomorrow it is and I have lots going on!

Three hunts start this week, one of them the TWISTED hunt and I actually quite like what I made for it.  I’m going to have sales specials every day, Thurs, Friday, and through the weekend.  I have -tons- of new items mixed in with other inventory and I’m going to have a Roawenwood hunt, something just on the sim…. so how can you really go wrong.  I’m hoping ya’ll will like the new build, and that no one gets too awful lost.

Till then!

Sept 1-blog


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