GorFest is kicking off today… 8 whole days of merchants, events, and other fun things to do.  It’s a Relay for Life event to benefit cancer research.  I always try to do something for it.  This year I was slacking some, didn’t get vendors around in world till now.

I do relay in real life, have for the last 4 years or so… and feel kind of crappy that I didn’t get much done in SL for it this year.  I have family, or known folks who have had cancer or are battling cancer as we speak.  It’s a horrific disease and having been touched personally a few times with it I tend to take it a little more seriously perhaps.

These events are so important even if they don’t seem like it… so please take a bit, go down… see what is out there and maybe donate a few lindens.  There’s tons of great merchandise being offered in vendors where the money goes to the cancer society.

Gor Fest Schedule for Sun, July 4

12pm – 2pm – Grand Opening Festivities – Main Stage
2pm – 3pm   – miratorvis Gothly DJ
3pm – 4pm  – Josie Anderton – Live Musician – Main Stage
3pm – 7pm   – Jail Bail – Oasis
4pm – 6pm   – Dance Pit Raiders – Dancers – Main Stage GorFest
6pm – 12am  – fireworks every hour on the hour

I have a pretty awesome looking booth going if I do say so myself…. AND I’m participating in the Treasure Hunt.  It’s an interesting concept…. the actual hunt is at my store, so whether you go to the RFL GorFest or not you can participate.  Three gold coins are hidden around my store.  I’m not really giving hints…

Have fun till we meet again.


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