This week I was feeling a little naughty, I love all things strappy and fun when it comes to outfits and I just couldn’t resist passing that along to you guys…. so we’re getting belted!  Don’t panic, don’t panic… not -that- kind of belt… none of that chastity stuff round here… nope, this is a sexy impish lil outfit where you’ve taken yours (or your Master’s, personally I like this scenario) belts and snuggly fit them around those oh so luscious curves.

Belted RED

The outfit has 4 different tops, though it is technically 6 if you count all that is included.  Two camisk like tops with fabric sweeping along the breast and down low on the hips but not too low.  Then one version has belts across both breasts making it sorta of modest… and then one where one of the breasts is exposed.  Then there are two with just the belts, and I also included the belts on shirt layers so you can mix it up with other clothes too.  I’ve been wearing it with jeans and all sorts of things.  It’s quite fun.

Belted LC v1Through Saturday (7/31) the outfits are going to be at a 50% discount.  I often do this with new releases so the early birds out there can get a great deal.  It comes in 6 different colors; black, blue, cream, green, purple and red…. there is as an extra bit of fun, and a bonus a special pretty pink version in the Lucky Chairs that WILL NOT be offered for sale in the store.  Mhmmm, an exclusive color just for the lucky chairs and won’t be released otherwise.  I’m still trying to decide if while it is in the chair if I should offer it for sale so ya’ll can get a sort of one of a kind thing w/out having to camp for it if you don’t want to.  Hmmmm… decisions decisions.  That’s almost worth a poll type question to my groupies lol

Anyhow, now that I am rambling on… This is a good one, I like it… hope you guys do too.


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