25L Tues Roawenwood Style

Hello!!!  Guess what?  I’m not in this weeks 25L round.  And guess what else?

I’m not going to be next week either. *sighs*

Things been switched around on the list and the way it is working I’m probably going to have a harder time getting onto it than in the past unfortunately.  Was going to try for next week but missed the window and have a feeling that is going to happen often.

Anyhow!!  Since I like to remain positive and not let things get me down I am doin a 25L special Roawenwood style.

Pass the word if you want, let your friends know… I know I can’t get on the list so my LM gets put out there for anyone who wants to take advantage but ya’ll are great for that too *laughs* or if you prefer you can keep it all to yourself.

Since I’m not really restricted by the lists rules this week I placed out a few extra goodies.  A piece of furniture or so,  male shirts, and an outfit for the girls.  All marked down to 25L, big discounts… have fun and I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow when I do my weekly wednesday hump day stuff.


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