We got chickens!

Scattering Feed v2Farm workers rejoice!  This weeks release is RIGHT up your alley.  Remember the vulo set I did awhile back… tons of birds, roosts, egg gathering chores.  Well I am kind of considering this an addon almost to that sort of thing, to that line.  Now we have chickens!  Some very nice ones too.  Only three prims apiece and the accessory pack is copiable so you can have as many as you want.

Not ONLY do we now gots chickens… I made a lil coop/hutch for them… it could be used for the chickens, vulos, or…. dare I say it…. Bunnies!  Ok, I got that out of my system.  This turned out nice with some very nice shading along the sculpts and throughout.

Coop - HutchThe one that I really wanted to let you know about is a new chore…. one I have been REALLY wanting for awhile but never had the animation to be able to do.  Scattering feed… like to chickens or birds.  I’m so hyped you wouldn’t believe it, and over something so simple too!  Low prim, it weighs in at 4… embedded animation, and near the landing so you can try it out.


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