Rough n Tumble Baby

I swore I would never do it.  There was a few lines and products that I always said I wouldn’t get into… and now….

I was coerced!  It wasn’t me, it was someone else!  Actually, I was asked and/or challenged…. baby furniture.  Oh my.  At my place?

Baffling… but oddly looks rather cute.  I’m not going to question it, and the response so far has been rather positive.

Here’s the deal… someone comes to me and says, “you know there isn’t much decent Gorean baby furniture out there… there’s some stuff over at xxxx but it’s all for the south, and then there’s stuff over at xxxx but ewww, no thank you…. wouldn’t you like to make something?”  Going on to describe their ideal and what they were hoping for.

See, coerced… arm twisted… it was brutal I tell ya.

Roughened Nursery - CollectionI haven’t done a formal release through the list or anything yet but I have out a set of nursery furniture geared towards a more rough type.  Distressed wood and scuffed up a bit.

There’s a changing & bathing table, animated to change a baby, and to bathe… animated rocking chair and bench, both with three animations… one rocking the baby, and two female sits.  A furred throw rug with animations, kneeling and rocking the baby, along with a male sitting animation and female.  There’s a crib with a drinking horn hanging off the side (though the horn is not attached and can be left off, it was just because the person asking was a Torvie lol), and a side table.  It’s pretty low prim, 46 prims to have the entire set out.

Want to check it out come down to the Five Blades sim and see for yourself.


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