More ale wench!

Have a bawdy tavern?  Medieval fare?  My latest outfit fits right in!

Aptly named “Tavern Wench” the dress comes in two variants.  In richly textured brown or black with corset and blouse.  The outfit includes arm frills, panties, glitch pants, two different skirts, corset, and the blouse in off white.  I’ve been wearing it actually… and that’s saying something.  I tend to avoid wearing my own clothing.  I know… odd quirk but one I can’t quite shake.Tavern Wench - Black

Along with the two base dress colors I decided to put the blouse/corset combo out in 6 different shades for those who either don’t want the dress…. OR want some color options besides the off white.  I even did a fat pack for this one so you can get a 25% discount by purchasing all of the blouses at once.  Though I will be honest… the off white is only available if you purchase the dress.

We’re also having a secret sale.  You guys are so great and put up with all of my flaky personality quirks I just have to give something back when I can.  Here’s the deal…. Pick whatever it is you want in the store and get a 50% refund.  Some of you have been around long enough to see me do this… well I’m going to ramp it up and do it again.

Been looking at anything in particular?  Big, small, you name it… I’m going to let you get it on 2 (TWO!) items.  It doesn’t mean you have to buy 2 things.  You can just buy one thing and decide, meh nothing else I want ORRRRR you can take advantage of me and pick another item.  I can’t help myself, I like to be taken advantage of on occasion.  *snickers*

Tavern Wench - Fat PackWHAT YOU DO:  Purchase the items, make me a copy of your transaction history on a notecard.  Send the notecard to me named something along the lines of: Hump Day Secret Sale, (avatar name here), 6/9/10

MAKE SURE TO RENAME IT.  You don’t want me loosing it now do you?  I’ll get all refunds back to people as soon as I am able barring problems with SL, internet and you know the drill.  ((cannot be used in conjuction with gift certificates or other offers))

I’ll keep this running through Friday so anything you buy from right NOW until 11:59pm SLT 6/11 you can get a special 50% refund on up to two items from Roawenwood at the main location (Five Blades sim)

Have a good one and hope your week is going well!


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