Another chance at a 25L Tues!

Wow!  Two weeks in a row I got myself around to get into the round for 25L Tues.  Last week I had the Midice silks marked down significantly and this week just so that no one feels left out I have the Midice kirtle set marked down to 25L!  Those sexy bond of the north can share in the fun too.

For my other offering this week I put one of the pieces of the Forest Meadow set down to 25L, the sittin trees.  I like em.  They’re a cute little place to hang out.

Other than that I’m going to be pestering you soon because it’s the first of June, so that means we’re going to have a new contest winner soon!  I have the Shiri silks still in the lucky chair, the GGWH is still going till the 6th and the Myths hunt too.

Have a good one and I’ll write again soon.


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