Wow, what happened?!

This week has flown by!  Here we are, it’s just about Sunday and I haven’t updated or done anything on the blog this week.  *mutters under her breath*

Phoenix Rising Golden - Black & GoldIt’s been crazy.  So much going on that here at 2 am my time I’m finally realizing… whoops!

I released a set of sandals that are awesomeness this week.  I know, I’m so modest right?  I can’t help it, I like these ones.  They’re called Phoenix Rising.  I picked the name because the way the prim work at the bottom of the tongue/top are turned out.  It reminded me of a phoenix.  Just an impression I got so I went with it, sometimes those are the best kind.

In 7 different versions… golden and black base texturing and then different variations in either pewter or gold ornamentation.  The black and the gold ones are my absolute favorite, the coloring just stands out and looks really good to me.  I like all of them but that is my favorite.  I think they’re a great accessory for fantasy, maybe Greek or Roman?  A rather pampered slave girl?  Maybe…

I also released a set of cages.  A stacked set of three for role-play.  One girl can be in each cage giving a nice look for capture rp scenes or a slavers home or something.  The other two are singles cages but are RLV enabled with scan and capture.  Once the girl is captured she’s placed within the cage, Cage - Capture & Holding Straw RLVstripped and held.  I like them, made almost entirely of sculpted prims… shaded nicely too.  One has a linen mat, the other has strew strewn within the bottom so if you feel like being nice letting em have a blanket orrrrrrr not so nice……

You decide!

The Myths and Legends 2 hunt started yesterday too.

I have that out with some hunt tracks, no hint… it’s really not that hard to find.  The hunt prim shoots off yellow sparkles in every direction.  *laughs*  So if in doubt, just look for the lil yellow particles floatin.Cage - Stacked Holding

The Gorean Grid hunt is starting soon, this time they’re not doing numbered stores.  It’s one of those where you start wherever you want and just sorta pick up the trail as you go.  Never been in a hunt that did this before so I’m a lil curious how it will turn out.

I decided to do the Fortnight Freebie down at the GFM, so if you’re a bargain hunter I’m supposed to be doing that for the next two weeks, I’m setting up tomorrow/today.

Going to keep this short, I’m tired.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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