Lap serve anyone?

A few weeks ago a customer came up to me and asked if I had ever thought of making something that could be used for lap serves in the northern parts of Gor.

I hadn’t really given it much thought but she was talking about how it was hard to find something good for that.  I think she was referring to and hoping for a bench of some sort for the long tables that most like to decorate with.  I kept the idea in the back of my head not really thinking a whole lot about it until the other day.  I don’t know why it struck me but it did and so I gave it a whirl.  Of course it’s my own brand of thing, and not a bench… I went for something even a little more down to earth and that could be used by just about anyone… not just those who prefer the cold of Torvaldsland.In Lap - Sack

Late late last night just as I was setting up the prim for the GGWH (which has officially started now and I have a few gifts in there) I released a set of pillows, and one set of sacks.  I made up a few different colors, and the sacks one is worn a bit.  It’s a low prim (only 3) set that has four sets of animations in it.

The male sits first and defaults to sitting cross legged on the top of the pillows, then the female sits where she defaults into a kneel before him.  He then can leave her there or he can click the pillows to have her up in his lap.  The set includes the default poses along with three in the lap type animations sets.  The first a kiss/intimate type where the girl can wriggle her way around, the second and third sets are more naughty with some pretty good hip action coming from the girl.  *laughs*

The pillows are set to copy!  I keep things reasonably priced I believe and you can toss these bad boys wherever you want.  Like I said… available in a few different color options you can come down to the store to test it out if you like.

Have a great weekend and have fun!


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