*hangs her head*

I know.  This week I didn’t do a release or anything fun on Wednesday.

I had intention to but things didn’t work out and I’ve been hiding ever since. *laughs*

There’s a lot going on around the store though and I probably should keep ya’ll updated better.  The GGWH starts tonight.  That means you can come by my place and get some goodies from it after midnight tonight.  They’re running it a little different… you just pick up the trail wherever you feel like it and follow the landmarks.

Kind of like breadcrumbs?  In any case… you follow the path and see what you find.

I have some newness that I’m going to be putting out, and I think I am going to be moving the main store stuff into a temporary store in the sky real soon.  That means things will be a bit of a mess and ugly for awhile but I think I need to do that within the next few days.  Be prepared.  I’ll leave a note on the blog too when it does.


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