Everyone deserves a little bit of pampering

This week I tossed around a few ideas for what I was going to release or do for my Wednesday thing.  I try to do things that I think will be of interest at the time.  For a better part of the day I had mulled over exactly what I could do for Mother’s day coming up on Sunday.  And then it hit me…. so simple really.

Breakfast in bed!  What woman doesn’t warm or melt when the one she cares for takes the time to think of her… bringing her a warm toasty breakfast, awakening her to the sweet company of those she cares about and giving her a few moments of soft fuzziness.Breakfast Bed Tray So I set to it… working away up in my workshop and came up with a lovely piece that I am happy to release.  A tray with an embedded couples animation set.  The female sits back propped against pillows, headboard, what have you… her legs stretched out in front of her, tray over her lap while her S.O. sits alongside relaxed, arm over her legs talking to her.  What a fine fine thing don’t you think?  The plate has a yummy breakfast all prepared… eggs, bacon and toast with a warm muffin along the side.  Made mostly of sculpted prims it looks lovely… good enough to eat!  Touch the tray to receive a fork to wear… female sits first, and then the male.  No poseballs, and the sits are adjustable through menu.

My other release this week is a set of slave beds.  I have a couple over in the slave gear section but they’re older, use a texture change script that can end up being messed up if you reset it wrong so I finally redid them to something that I prefer a little bit more.  One of them even suspiciously looks like the furred couch/bed that I released awhile back.  Hmmm…. go figure.  There’s four of them, a couple basket types… a couple with the darker outside. Slave Bed - Furred Most have texture change, either the linens can be changed or the basket or both.  One of the great things about it is firstly, it is a lower prim item.  7 prims for one of them and 6 for the others… then obviously the texture change.  Tons of options with those so you can decorate or personalize them a little bit more… then… I made them copiable!  TA DA!  I know, not a big deal right?  Well this is one of those items where if you have multiple slaves then you can let them have their own beds, or use them in a kennel… or stable… or wherever, it makes things so much easier for you the end user I think.  Of course the permissions limit so you can’t transfer but well… can’t have everything.  They’re very reasonably priced for a copiable item like this so come down and see.  Each bed comes with 7 different animations or poses from curled sleep to pleading.

That is about it for now… soooooo much coming up and out in the near future.  I feel a sim rebuild comin on and some brand new naughty goodness to taunt….. err… tempt you with.

Take care!


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