Delicate… Feminine… New Shiri Silks.

Shiri - Red Gold

This week saw the release of a delicate silk with sculptured draped top.  The set includes nipple rings, two different draped tops (one with nipple ring and one without), skirts, leg band and arm bands.

Offered with different color options, some with gold metals bands delicately sweeping around the hips and some with silver.  I tried offering it in a few different varieties since I know I can get stuck on silver a lot… but these looked pretty good with gold too.

I also released a new chore… well sort of new.  An old new chore.  I redid my sweeping chore, new sculptured broom and the set is less primmy, adding up to only 3.  I made an attachment like before too so it can be worn anywhere.  This one has a smoother animation, sweeping and then bending to scrub at a particularly nasty spot.  It can be tested and tried out down at the Five Blades location.

Most of this week I’ve been working on trying to come up with a build to use as a temporary location while I work on the main sim.  It’s funny… I have this colossal sized building that is rather overwhelming to house my stuff…. and it almost seems like it is a little bit over the top considering it probably will only be used temporarily.  Ah well.

I hope ya’ll enjoy, and since I got that build kinda going…. the store will probably be moved to a temp location in the sky soon.  I just need to move things up there so that the bulk of inventory is left available.  I hope ya’ll are having an awesome weekend!


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