Wow huh?

Ahhh SL has been so much fun the past day or two… they’re doing some updates and such so things have been acting up.  I’ve got more “omg help me!” requests today than I have in a long time.  *laughs*

Yesterday was the Hump Day Happenin fun stuff… I didn’t write up anything because it came into being so very late in the day but I have some discounted items at the group nets around the landing area.

Five different chores marked down at more than 50% off, the Fireside Couples Rug is at half off, and then I put out an outfit marked down more than 50% off too.  I’m not givin it away though, if you want to see you have to at least take a trip down to the store.  haha

I kept it short and sweet yesterday…. Discounts will run through tomorrow 4/30 at least but I could end up extending it if I feel like it since last night and a lot of today was just SL borky funness!

Have a great day and I hope your week is shaping up to an even better weekend!


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