Ripe for the picking…

Submissions for the photo contest have been closed and now the hard part for me.  I have to sift through all of the lovely entries trying to decide which ones should win the prizes.  You guys haven’t made it easy on me…. I’ve even enlisted some top secret outside help to try to help me make some sort of decision here, and I’m not dissuaded!  I will have your winners for you this next week on the 21st like I promised.

Grooming Table - DarkwoodHump day releases this week were delicious… the Alamea camisk and then a twist on the grooming/make up table that I had created awhile back.  I had intended to make up a fancier version of the vanity for the Lady of the house or for a more lavish kennel or slave area but never really set aside the time to do it.  Well with the release of the sponge bath stuff I revisited this and got a couple of them done in the same gorgeous wood tones that they are in.  Two different color woods, and decorated to be pleasing to the eye as well as functional enough to save on prims if you need to or create a well thought out scene.

Onto the camisk.  Ohhh this little pretty isn’t for the faint of heart.  Sweeping downwards exposing one breast then Alamea Camisk TEALsweeping across the hips exposing well…… quite a bit more, *coughs* this is a rather risque garment to wear.  Swirls and decoration across the belly accent the richly toned fabric.  It is available in 7 different colors for sale, and one deep dark plum color that will only be in the lucky chair either until the end of the month or until I take it out.  It will not be available for sale so this limited special color can keep you set apart just a little bit.

Alamea Camisk PURPLEThe lucky chair version does have a drawback though… it doesn’t come with the jewelry accessories that the for sale versions do.  The sale versions of the camisk also include beaded bracelets for both wrists, and a set of anklets to wear.

I have three different hunts going on right now… wonderful prizes for you to get if you’re so inclined to jump down.  We’re at the half way point in the month so if you haven’t joined in the picks contest for April you should… sign up at the landing point.

I’m going to leave you for now but never fear I’ll be back soon.  Have a great weekend!


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