March Contest Winner & News

Yesterday I realized it was the 7th, a whole week past the beginning of the month basically and I hadn’t gotten to the post here on the blog about March’s Winner.  Ughh…. you know, that is really not quite like me and I apologize profusely to the last months winner of the picks contest.  Though really it probably didn’t upset her all -that- much… I DID do the prize part, which is the good stuff.  *grins*

This past months winner of the 2000L and the 2000L Store Credit was…… KittenAnne Mousehold!!  Congrats!

It was fun, and I got the…. “oh my god I never win anything!”  hehehe makes it even better.

Remember it is easy to get in on the chance to win, all you have to do is come down… click the sign at the landing point while keeping Roawenwood in your picks.  You know… the first person I picked off the list this past month DIDN’T have the store in their picks.  Tsk tsk, so they didn’t win and that’s why KittenAnne got lucky!!

Other up and coming news?  It’s a secret but….. I’m probably going to be rebuilding the store very soon.  I know right?  I know how it is and I like it when I go to a place to be able to find everything where I left it so to speak but hopefully the layout will still keep shopping easier.  I’m having to move some of my more adult content and upcoming content into an adult rated area.  I don’t like it but I’m sure it will work out.  Roawenwood is still going to try to have an atmosphere that I enjoy… hopefully it turns out ok.  Cross your fingers for me.

In the meantime what does that mean to you?  Not a whole lot except that at some point the bulk of my inventory will be put into a temporary store in the sky so you guys can still get to it while I work on the ground level.  I will probably be retiring some merchandise, though I haven’t picked what exactly.  Once that is settled we’ll have some reopening stuff… and hopefully a lot of new fun things for you to peek at!Woodsman Camp Set

Newness for yesterday!  I put out a camp set.  The Woodsman Camp Set with a sculpted tent, camp blankets, fire, terrain piece and grass so you can create a neat little scene with it.  The tent, terrain, and grass is copy, while the blankets and the fire are transfer.  I figured this way you can create a camp easily or just use the one.  It’s been an interesting bit getting it together, I think it looks pretty decent and can go in so many different kinds of places.  It isn’t like it is solely Gorean or anything else.  If you live in a desert region even it can be used… just don’t use the grasses and included terrain piece.  The tent still looks great.

It will be on a 50% off countdown vendor for at least another 24 hours, maybe a bit longer so if you’re curious you should come down.

Also, just because I think it is funny and have to poke fun at myself a little bit here… I did a “Hump Day Easter Egg Hunt Whoopsie”.  Last week I put out 10 eggs for people to find with gifts from around the store mostly.  It was a great success and a lot of people had fun with it… well…. umm, you see.  *shuffles her foot across the floor*  I didn’t -actually- write down where I put the 10 eggs and the store is pretty big… and… and… well…. I couldn’t remember where I put two of them.  I figured I’d have no problem, I know my patterns and where I’d stash stuff right?  WRONG!  hahaha

Soooo we had an extra little bit of fun, while poking fun at myself I decided to give a 500L Gift Certificate to the first person who IM’d me with the right locations for both eggs.  I had a few people who sent one, and while only the first will get the 500L one… I’m going to be a stinker and give the ones who tried a 250L one, I just didn’t mention that in the announcement.  *grins*

You never know what I might throw in there so it’s better to give it a shot, you might end up with something anyhow!

The 7 Sins hunt is still going on, and this week another hunt started…. the Celebrating Gaia hunt.  I made something nice for that too.  At least I like it but then again most of the time I don’t put out or give away things that I don’t like.  I’m the sort that can’t put something out there if I’m not at least somewhat happy with it.  I’ll always be the most critical of my work of course but you know how it goes right?

Anyhow… I think that’s enough rambling for one morning.  I’ll talk to you soon!


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