Keeping those slaves clean and tidy

Awhile back I made a slave shower.  It was kind of grungy, a pipe sticking up out of a platform… ugly really, perfect for dungeon or whatever but it was a little more modern looking than a lot of ya’ll liked.  A lot of Pitcher Pump - slave showerpeople that I have come by my place like a more rustic look to things than a pipe with a shower head.

I had been intending for a very long time to create a pitcher pump styled set, just never quite got around to it…. that is, until now.  Made mostly of sculptured prims there is two new version types for your slave to keep themselves clean using the pitcher pump.  One has a basin at its base, tilted up with a small pool of water and a kneeling washing animation.  You can turn on water to pour from the pump with a click.  The other is like the shower, water droplets turn on when you sit with three different ways to wash yourself using two animations.

Slaves Bucket Wash

The third one doesn’t use the pitcher pump, it is a simple bucket with water at its base.  This one uses the kneeling washing animation… a low prim alternative that can be placed anywhere.  Inside or outside depending on what you are looking to have.

I’m thinking that between all of my recent releases with sponge baths, grooming and everything else that just about anyone can find something that will appease that need for their role play scene.  At least I’d like to think so.

I hope ya’ll have had a great weekend!


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