Roawenwood Photo Contest

I’ve been promising a contest for awhile so now I’m going to make good on it.

Over the past few months I’ve been getting pictures and things sent to me or linked of people wearing clothes, or using items that could be purchased/won at Roawenwood which gave me the bright idea of having a photo contest.  Some of them are really very interesting and I love seeing what people come up with or what kind of positions they can get photo contest March 2010themselves into.  *grins*

This is a call to all of the creative types!  Something just for you to stretch those muscles and try your hand at winning some Lindens and Roawenwood store credit.

>> The Criteria & Rules <<

ALL photos or screenshots MUST have at least ONE item that has been purchased from Roawenwood.  This includes but is not limited to clothing, chores, builds, role play accessories.  The photos/screenshots may be reworked in Photoshop or any other graphics program you use.

By posting and submitting your photos or artwork you accept the terms that said artwork may be used at my (Searlait Nitschke) discretion for display within the Roawenwood Store or store displays.  (( I will of course not profit from them by resell, or redistribution ))  For in world store use only unless otherwise indicated between participating members.

ALL work must be yours and original!  No copying or “borrowing” other people’s pictures and work.

1. Create

2. Upload the picture on Flickr and title it Roawenwood Pic Contest – March/April 2010 – Your Name

3. Pictures must be submitted through Roawenwood’s Flickr Group  (ha! I just made it too!) You can add more than one if you like.

If I think of anything else I’ll let you know!


You may submit photos for the contest through April 14th

Winners will be announced on the blog and through the update group on April 21st

>>  PRIZES <<

1st place
2000L Gift Certificate for Roawenwood

2nd Place
1000L Gift Certificate for Roawenwood

3rd place


500L Gift Certificate for Roawenwood

Honorable Mentions
as many as I want
250L Gift Certificate for Roawenwood


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