I want an Easter egg… I want an Easter egg….

Just a few days before Easter and a friend of mine made an egg painting set last week I think…. we both have the same animation so he asks me if I was going Egg Painting - Transferto make one.  I said nahhh… I got the anim but wasn’t really planning on making one.  After expressing disappointment about how he’d of liked to seen what I’d come up with instead, bantering back and forth… having some fun with it I wander off mumbling to myself about Easter eggs, and egg coloring.  I wanted to come up with something different… Of course, I drew a blank but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to at least make something up.  Was challenged so to speak and I couldn’t just let that lie there now could I?

While mine isn’t really super spectacularly special… it is cute and it is something a little fun.  The way I figure it with only a few days left before the holiday I would release it and leave the price lower than I usually would for an item like this.  Soooo you get to benefit.  I’m releasing the Egg Painting stool for 50L.

So that is just about my only Easter offering this year.  I did put out a cute lil pink bunny for my groupies at the landing point though if you’re interested.

Other fun and releases today too!  An EASTER EGG HUNT!!  I have 10 Easter eggs hidden out and around the Five-Blades sim at the main location.  10 gifts from around my store, some furniture, some clothes.  I tried to not make it too girly.  They will be out through the weekend, then I have to remember where I got them scattered about!  *laughs*

Today saw the release of a few furniture pieces too.  All a part of the same line but technically 5 different pieces.  A set of sponge bath and wash basins.  Each one has 3 different washing animations in it.  One female sponge bath animation… one male sponge bath animation… and then a washing hands anim.

Spongebath - Amberwood PIC Spongebath - Rough PIC

Three of them have their similarities though two are more ornate, while the third is more for rustic types.  The other two were done on stumps for camps and foresty type places.  The forest versions are lower prim, could be used outside of rustic type homes even instead of having indoor plumbing.  I think all have their place if chosen… could be used in infirmaries, for the green caste, in a home, lots of places.  Only limited by your imagination really.  Perhaps I’ll do a slave version… something more beat up.  You never know really…. but I do have a lot coming out soon within that genre anyways.

Some other fun and interesting facts hanging about the wood?  The Ostara hunt is ending today… tomorrow I’ll try to remember to pick up the prim.  The Nature’s hunt ends within the next few days but then the Virtues of Sin hunt starts tomorrow!  My sin was sloth and I think I have a pretty good item out there for it.  There’s a hint thing, and a feather prim ‘footsteps’ to point you in the right direction.

*Taps her fingers on the keyboard trying to think what else* Don’t forget the photo contest!  I’ve got some nice entries… would love to see what else people can come up with.

I guess that’s it for now, I’ll talk again soon.  Actually I will be VERY soon.  Since tomorrow is the first I will at the very least be picking the picks winner for this past month!  Yay!!

Till then!


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