Fresh Flowers and Bright Color

Come, gentle Spring! ethereal Mildness! come.
James Thomson

Spring time is finally beginning to shine bright sunlight into my life as the flowers begin to peek their way up through the soil.  The breezes still have that nip to the air evenSalah PURPLE as you raise your face up to the sun to feel its warmth as the greyness begins to retreat… snow melted away and the earth returns to a green carpet of color.

This week saw the release of a new set of silks.  Something with a bold splash of color and the softness of flowers adorning the belts and accessories.  I had the idea for these rolling around a little bit and while they aren’t super fancy or ornate they are not your typical set of silks.  A soft glow surrounds the skirts as you move in gentle rhythm to music as you dance or as you fly through the air.  I thought they’d make a great addition especially during the spring season when everyone is ready for a bit of color and getting away from the heavier clothes.  Available in four different colors… purple, green, pink, and blue.

Honestly I really like these… bold, yet feminine I can see a forest Fae skipping through the woods all the way to the Gorean kajira writhing in the sands for her owner.  I haven’t really done a set of dancing type silks in awhile so these are a little refreshing to create.  Lately I have been working a lot on things for the outdoors… it’s been really good for me, getting me out of those gray winter time blues that can effect everyone as the seasons shift.

Salah GREENThere’s been some submissions for the photo contest!!  I’m impressed and looking forward to see what else people come up with or decide to post.  It’s so much fun, I check the pool every once in awhile hoping to see something new.  There’s still a lot of time left because I’m leaving it open to submit photos through April 14th.

I know it takes time to be creative, to get a good picture and then fix it up if you’re of a mind to.  I really hope that people are having fun with it because that really is the whole point to it anyhow.

Remember, you can have more than one entry… I don’t mind, I’m just tickled to see what is put up.


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