Luxurious sinful comfort – New Bed Release

You know sometimes when I make something I put myself into the item a bit and can imagine all sorts of possibilities.  This is one of those.  A new bed that I’ve been holding onto for awhile in my inventory that is just pure sweet luxury.  If you like furs and deep snuggly spots this is just perfect.  A more rustic type twist in a way it is fashioned after the idea of the Gorean couch/bed.

The bed itself is set within a stone base, etched and chiseled out to be a little bit fancier than a slab of rock then draped ALL over it Furred Couch PICare different kinds of furs.

Soft luxurious and thick the thing looks like it is just meant to be sunk down into, wrapping yourself up and then spending hours within its warmth.  I personally think that it can be used for hunstman, Gorean, fantasy or medieval type places no problem whatsoever or if you are looking for something a little different than your standard bed.  It is made of sculptured prims so it doesn’t have the harsh edges that you see on a lot of beds of this nature adding to that comfortable feeling.

It has 43 couples sets using MLP v2, 5 different menus to help you know just what you want to use.  Cuddles, kisses, foreplay, relaxing, and play.  There are 3 singles lays in the pillows and it is only 11 prims (+2 for the MLP).  A super way to save prims but not give up on luxury or utility.



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