Late Day Hump Day

This week I’ve had a really big project going on along with some other things so I’ve been soooo busy that I didn’t get the Hump Day offer for this week out till a little bit late.

This week I’m revamping an oldie, one of my very first Hump Day deals… everything on the New Arrivals palettes are at 50% off until sometime Feb. 19th.  At some point that day I’ll raise the prices back up to their normal ones.

This is quite a bit of stuff because I haven’t cleaned off them off in a bit, and keep adding new things.  This goes for the babydoll camisks, the hair wreathes, the old socks, fishing boat, fishing chair, dockside chair, both basket weaving things, the entire soap making collection and then the new furred bed that was just released.

EVERYTHING on the New Arrivals palettes are 50% for the next couple of days so if you want you should take a peek.

Much love and Happy Hump Day!


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