It’s too quiet around here

Ack, I know!  I didn’t update the blog much this week.  I’ve been struggling with grid issues and things so much that I just didn’t get myself around to here till now.

Wednesday was a serious hump day.  It felt like it was never going to end and the problems just kept mounting.  SL was having fits.  Couldn’t build, open my notecards or scripts, could do anything really for quite awhile so I didn’t get to do the event that I had planned for this week.  However, since I am ever the optimist, I did do another secret sale/refund.  This time though you can get any TWO items in my store for 50% off. It’s like the other sale… purchase your items, send me a NC with the transaction history and I’ll send you a 50% refund of your purchase price. Update list members are given first notice about sales and discounts so if you want to be kept up to date you should click on the subscribe button at the landing zone at Roawenwood.

Fishing ChairYou can take advantage of this with any purchases made until Feb. 13th right before midnight and we switch over to Valentines day.  This way you can get a lil something for yourself, and something for a friend.

I’ve had quite a few releases that weren’t really announced on the blog, as well as a couple not even put through my update list.  I’ve been working on a fishing set series, with more to come.  The first was the Roawenwood Fishing Dinghy and then there was the Dockside Fishing Chair… this was a request actually from a customer.  She loved the boat but wanted something for her deck, and voila there you have it.  I already was going to do something similar but it was a good kick in the backside to get me moving.  More to come with this series very soon.Fishing Dinghy

I have a few little Valentines goodies at the landing zone.  Some adorable lil bunnies, candy, baskets, that kind of thing.  Last minute gift ideas.

I’m working on a new outfit, still trying to get the clothing layers the way I like and I’m trying to decide how flamboyant to make it.  It’s a little different than previous releases so I hope ya’ll like it when it comes out.

I have a few new ideas rolling around in my brain… but that’s normal.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope this weekend goes wonderfully for you!


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