And the hunt is on!

Woot, Wednesday again so it is time to try to find some way to spice it up a lil bit for ya’ll.  I’ve been working on these garden arbors.  Trying to find the right combination to make them appealing but not too prim heavy.  With Valentine’s coming up I’ve been trying to also come up with something a bit softer.

Rose Arbor - RelaxingThis week I placed out a nice rose arbor, it has the same animation set that my Rustica Hammock has, and one of the loungers in the furniture section.  I really love this animation set.  It has 8 poses/animations total, one person laying on one side… another laying opposite them on the other side.  Slightly cuddly male/female set where he caresses along her belly, and then a less cuddly version that is set for a couple friends to kick back and just relax.  I’ve spent a few hours on pieces using these sets just talking.

So for the Hump Day Happenins around my place I decided to crate up the rose arbor and then a plain rose arbor w/out the couch or animations then put it out on the sim for ya’ll to find.

I left a hint in the notecard for the update list groupies so if you wanted that you’d need to be a part of the update group.  *winks*  Otherwise… well try your hand at wandering the sim and see if you can find it.

The mini-hunt will go on through tomorrow at least though the arbor is available in store for purchase if you miss it or just really don’t like to do hunts.

Have a great rest of your week!


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