Sick Day Hump Day

Hello to the brave and loyal few who like to listen to me ramble on a weekly basis, or whenever the mood strikes.  It is Wednesday!  You ready for it?  What a week…. what a week… This week is sick week, been down and mostly out with a nasty stomach virus for the past 3 days so I really can’t say I have anything new to throw at you.  I’m still sippin on my chicken noodle. *grins*


Since I really didn’t come up with anything new I’m going to give you all a heads up.  This week today the 20th and through the 22nd I’m knockin a healthy discount down off of most chores and related items.  50% off unadvertised (except for you lovelies and anyone you decide to clue in) on most things in and around the sheds.

The apple/larma picking, and orange picking trees are also included in the special as well.

So there it is…. short, and sweet… to the point this week.

I have a few things in development as always, can’t keep me down for long.   Some new chores, new furniture and maybe even an outfit rolling around somewhere.

Take care and have a good week!  Talk to ya’ll soon.


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