Secret Hump Day Refund Deal

It is that time of the week again, and while this is a secret that was passed along to my update list… an unadvertised special… I figured I’d put it here too for all of you who happen by.

Did you know that today (1/13) and tomorrow (1/14) I am going to let you pick one thing from my store at Five Blades.  ANYTHING from the store… from the lowest priced to the highest priced, pick that ONE item… purchase it, and then send me a note with your transaction history on it of that purchase and I will refund you 50% of the money you spent.

Big or small.  Have your eye on something?  Want to pick up something big, little, in between?  Go ahead… just remember to send me a notecard with the transaction history on it and I’ll get that right back to you as soon as I can.

Please rename notecards so I know who they are from and what it is for… if you do not then they may be lost and I really try to not have that happen.  Example:   Hump Day Secret Sale 1-13-10 / Searlait Nitschke

Happy Hump Day!!


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