Getting squeaky clean!

Today is Hump Day so I’m running a special this week.  Dance pits and everything in the large purple/blue tent is 50% off.  A good little bit of merchandise… the harem rug is a nice little deal if you’re interested marked down to 300 something lindens.

Soap SetWhat I’m REALLY excited about is the release of my latest work set.  I’ve been working pretty hard on it and trying to get a flavor of authenticity with it.  I know it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea or fun idea but I created a soap making set.  This isn’t just a basic thing with a campfire with a couple molds or something.  This set in its entirety can take you through the different phases of the process of making soap the old fashioned way. From gathering the ashes so you can make the lye, to the creation of said lye…. then onto the cooking, mixing, and rendering of the soap.  After all of that there is also a piece for pouring the soap into the molds.

There’s four distinct pieces to the set each one with an embedded animation that is adjustable through menu… you know how much I try to avoid using poseballs if I can help it, helping create that immersive air for interactions.  I think this set could be used by a lot of different types.  Rustic and all, of course a slave chore but it could be used for those that have a business making soap or perfumes too.  I can see all sorts of opportunity when you take a little bit of an effort… then pour it into something else.

It can be purchased as a set or individually if you only want a piece or two.

To try them out, come down to Roawenwood at the five blades sim.


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