For the love of all that is holey…

A new release for the downtrodden, the less than fortunate… for she-urts, vagabonds, hobos and the like.  For slave girls, bond maid, and whoever else that can’t afford a good shoe, or who just don’t care for shoes but still want something covering up those toes especially during cold weather.

Old and worn sOld Socks - Whiteocks have arrived at Roawenwood!  Sculptured prim heavy knitted socks in 11 different colors, worn, and shaded, slouched down at the ankle.  You get the whole socks, and you also get a sock with a hole in the end of the toe… sculpty big toe stickin out ever so nicely too!

A great role play accessory for men or women.  The socks are sized for women but they can be stretched to fit a mans foot as well.  I tried, and honest it works, I might resize and put a male set into the boxes just to make it easier and then add they are unisex however I haven’t yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  *grins*

They look real nice… and are a lot of fun.  A couple of the colors, plum and copper I believe, have been added to the lucky chairs along with the exclusive outfit that I put in there earlier this month.


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