Content Theft; a Plea

I’m a bit somber today and have a lot on my mind.  Over the past couple of weeks a good friend of mine has had to combat  thieves on more than one occasion stealing his hard work, and his designs, making copies of them with copybot or whatever they decided to use.  The latest has his buildings set out as free to copy, and no I’m not going to name the sim… but I walked the area looking to see if anything of mine was there while talking to him.

This is at least the third sim that I’ve run across with this type of thing in the last week or so.  Role-play areas being built, set up, and then opened up with tons of stolen content as if somehow they are not going to be caught or the items recognized.  They even have rentals; market stalls trying to bring in the very creators they are stealing from to help support their sim!  It astounds me beyond all measure that folks really don’t think that it will be seen or is it that they -know- that it will be seen… they just don’t care.

I’m not angry, not outright… I know there are a lot of people who think this is just a game.  I know there are a lot of people who will get whatever they can from others without giving anything back.  I know that people see the price tag on a build and try to find ways to cheat the system.

But knowing it, and seeing it over and over kind of takes something from you.  I’m not angry… I’m very sad, and frustrated.  I keep hearing how freebies are killing our markets but at least freebies… honest to goodness decent freebies are someones creation, someone’s work.  It isn’t like there isn’t a whole lot of really good things to use on a tight budget but it takes some effort.  I am instead watching over the course of a couple of weeks the disheartening wearing down of a creator who I think is very talented.  I love what is put out and look forward to seeing where they will go with things…. but I’m watching him lose that spark.  The spark that I used to see coming from him when he talked about a new build, or a new creation being replaced by a bitter outlook along with the feeling that sooner or later… what’s the point.  To be a creator you have to have a certain level of creativity but also a desire to put yourself out there.  To extend yourself and let other people see into you a little bit.  At least some of us do.

I’m watching that spark die in someone and it saddens me more than I can get across to all of you.  This is the real casualty in content theft.  The money and all… you hate to lose it, you hate to feel robbed but the thing that tears at me the most is seeing a part of someone I care for die slowly and not be able to do a damn thing about it.

It might just be prims.

But there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that.

In my frustration I know that those who understand what I’m saying would be the last ones to take that from us… I know that the people who need to understand it never will.  I feel quite powerless at the moment and rather disheartened myself.

I started typing a plea… to think about what you might be doing to someone elses SL experience before doing something like this but I know that those people don’t care and only worry about their own.  To spend hours or days on creations, working on things, trying to come up with new things, trying to come up with exciting ways to get them out there… so other people can enjoy themselves… these are things that I found exciting and is what made my SL enjoyable.

But you begin to question why….  I don’t want the spark that I have to die.  I am trying to jealously guard it and keep it safe.

Copiers need to be held accountable.  Thieves need to be held responsible.



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  1. Blithe Lorefield

    Your friend was violated, pure and simple. Please tell him not to give in to dispair. Yes, it sucks but he shall overcome. I myself am on a strict budget but one can manage without resorting to theft. Thank goodness for your participation in hunts, 25L Tuesdays, etc.!

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