25L Tuesday!

Woot!  Good morning and hello to everyone!  Today Roawenwood is part of the rotation for the 25L Tuesday event.  A group of ten merchants weekly place out, mark down, or make something new offering it for the bargain price of 25L all day Tuesday from midnight SL until midnight SL. The rules have gotten a little more interesting, we’re allowed to put out TWO items now, ANDDDDDDDD allowed to offer color variants.  For instance this week I placed out a camisk, and all the colors (5 of them) are marked down to just 25L each!  I also placed out a chore, scrubbing laundry.   It’s good for ya!  Builds character… at least, that’s what I’ve always been told.

Below is the list of participating vendors in this week’s 25LT!!!!! The event begins at 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm SLTime on Tuesday.

Enjoy the shopping and tell all of your friends to join too!

1. IMPulse – bella Domela/pinks Sugar
2. WiLdFiRe Designs – Blaze Sion
3. Whatz – Titania Halasy
4. Worlds Apart – Serenity Aubret
5. The Great Serve – Lilyanah Demar
6. Ancient Inspirations  – Ignacia Drathman
7. Yellow Brick Road – Sorbet Fhang
8. Roawenwood – Searlait Nitschke
9. Burning Embers – Symone DeCuir
10. RUSTIC – Grace Loudon

To receive a list of the 10 participating stores each week, subscribe to the 25LTuesday group via a Subscriber kiosk located in a participating vendors store.  Just look for the green sign with the big 25L on it and you’ll be all set.

Have fun and talk soon!


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