Velvet Lovers Cushions & Discount

You know when they talk about hump day and it is like… one of those days that just seem to drag on and on and ON….. well today is one of those days.  I tried getting something together earlier but appointments kept me from even logging in till about a half hour ago!  *laughs*
Soooo groupies, today’s hump day doesn’t have much fanfare, but I do have something that I’ll run through until the weekend.  From now until Friday evening/Saturday morning.

Remember last weeks special MM board prize?  The purple lovers cushions?  Well this week I’m releasing the WHOLE set.

>>Velvet Lovers Cushions - Red Velvet Lovers Cushions & Special Discount <<

7 Different color velvet sets and one in the palatial patterns, so a total of 8 different pillow sets.  With the release I am offering a group discount package for 50% off for the next couple of days.
The group packages are all set up on the netting behind the palette they sit on, the group is open enrollment… I’m really not making it that hard to get the discount.

Yesterday I participated in the 25L thing with the rest of the merchants on the list.  It went really well.  I’m surprised sometimes how many people end up filtering in and taking a look around.  It’s a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed the things that I put out.

I have a few ideas that I want to iron out.  One having to do with the Wed. stuff that I do… it could be interesting I think.  I’m working on a few new things, of course.  A set of seasonal silks that I really need to get out, they’re just about done.  I just need to finalize some details, take the pics and get em up.  So those will be on here really soon.

Talk to you soon and Happy Hump Day!


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