The weather outside is…..

Ohhh ya, frightful.  It is COLD where I live.  My poor dog goes outside, starts shivering and tries desperately to run back into the house.  It’s almost comical in a way but she really is not a cold weather kinda gal.  hehe

Build a SnowmanIn the spirit of the season of wintry goodness I had a bit of fun creating a wee little snowman.  He’s this adorable lil guy with his hat and pipe leaning against him on the ground.  The reason I adore this is because its….. yeppp…. animated!  I get to sit down next to him, pick up a bit of snow and bring it back up patting him down.  I love building snowmen and I just couldn’t resist!  So I’m passing along the fun to you!  I also did a snow angel!  Woot.  The snow angel is copiable so you can make as many as you want, only 2 prims too.  They’re at my main store and the Hunters Cove store.

Late last night before I nodded off to bed I also released a brocade living room set.  It’s darker, black shaded rich brocade fabrics with black wood… the pillows are done in a similiar brocade in shades of purple and violet.  It really looks good I think.  There are multiple pieces of course.  A couch, love-seat, ottoman, two chairs, fireside rug, side tables, oil lamps and a vase with a plant.  The couch has sits in the pillows so you can lounge or hang around.  The love-seat has two cuddles and one reading pose.  All the poses are embedded into the pillows.  I like to keep poseballs to a minimum because they really are distracting and clutter up things.  Also add unnecessary prims to the build.  The chairs are the same build but one has 10 different singles sits embedded into the cushion that can be adjusted through menu.  Some male, some female… makes it a really nice chair for anyone’s home.

The other chair is a Lovers chair.  This bad boy has A LOT of stuff in it.  It could almost be described as a cross between a lovers chair and a bdsm throne type thing but all wrapped up in rich brocade fabric.  No one EVER said that kink had to be ugly or just leather.  This chair has 33 different couples sets plus 8 singles sits using MLP v2.  So technically you can lounge around or kick back without a partner if you want too.  It has 3 couples menus; Pleasure, Submission, and Enticement.  Pleasure is the cuddles, foreplay, and sexual stuff… Submission has 4 different spanks, flogging, 4 Master/slave type sits, and one Mistress sit.  Enticement is a rather naughty menu all by itself.  Three different dance/lap dance type animations, straddling the leg of the one sitting there or in between their feet.  The rest of the animations are the girl being quite exposed at the feet of the one watching.

The fireside rug is a black furred rug with brocade pillows matching the rest of the living room set.  It can be used by itself of course or as part of it.  It has 43 couples sets.  The sets in the rug and in the chair are all different, you get two very different pieces of furniture.  If you purchase both that comes out to something like 76 different ways to spend time with someone else… very nicely done if I do say so myself.

Anyhow… the fireside rug includes menus for Relaxing, Cuddles, Kisses, Foreplay, and Play.  The relaxing menu has massages, back rubs and spending time.  The cuddles menu of course is some very sweet and loving sets… and the rest of the menus are pretty self explanatory really.  Each one has a nice choice for you to share time in your Second Life with someone special whether you’re looking for something intimate or something naughty.

It’s quite the large set of furniture that I think would accent and be a nice addition to many different styles, see it in world to test and view as it should be.


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