Special MM Board for this Hump Day!

Today’s little thing to do is half experiment and half oohh I wonder how many people really read these things anyhow?  I’ll bet you didn’t know that Roawenwood has a few satellite spots, little stores or places I rent to get my name out there and support other areas besides my main store.

Well this week I’m sending you off to travel a bit, down the winding path and to one of my other spots.  Surprising huh?  It’s just a small parcel of land that I rent at the Hunters Cove Merchant Isles.  It really is a good place to rent, the people are lovely and if looking for someplace to get your feet wet it isn’t a bad place, plus you get to share space with other vendors that can end up driving traffic to your place too.

MM purple cushionsSo off you go and you know what you can try to win while there?  A not yet released piece of furniture that I have every intention of setting out soon but hadn’t quite yet.

It is being released in 6 colors, so keep your eyes peeled later on.

This is an awesome piece, low prim MLP driven set of cushions that have A LOT of options from a lil kinky fun to some much needed snuggle time.

There has been a special MM board set up at my Hunters Cove outlet with a target of 200.  It will be out today and tomorrow only, so get your friends together… get slap happy, and see if you can win it.

After tomorrow it will be picked up and you lose your chance.

Happy Hump Day and Good Luck!!

Roawenwood @ Hunters Cove SLURL


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