Lucky Presents! New Stuff!

Fezziwig - TransferAnd the most ADORABLE bunnies you will see this holiday season.  They are just so cute.  I just had to share these lil guys with all of you, I know it is a little bit late to be putting out holiday themed items but well… I’ve never been known to be all that punctual so why start now yes?  There’s two… Fanny, and Fezziwig.  Fezziwig has a top hat skewed just so with holly on the brim, holding a small little tree that has a twinkly star on top.

Fanny well, she’s a little bit different… holding onto a brightly wrapped present for you, and a wreath set atop of her head.  They’re faces are animated… blinking slowly with a little wiggleHolly Wench Dress PIC to the nose.  I tell ya, they’re just so sweet it is sickening.  Almost too sweet for their own good.  I have them out in no copy/transfer version for gift giving, and copy/no transfer version for decorating.

Now onto what really will get your attention more than likely.  I put out THREE lucky presents yesterday with three different limited edition pieces for the holiday.  They’re the Holly Wench collection.  Brightly colored red and green… a dress, a set of silks, and an accessory set to wear with either one.

The dress Holly Wench Silks PICincludes a corset, top, undershorts and prim skirt.  The silks are barely there with holly decorating the nipples on the chest piece… and a set of prim skirts to match, rounding out the set is the accessories… bangle bracelets, and a choker to go with the whole thing.  Something a little fun for the holidays, bright and festive.  I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Take care and have a great week!  Tomorrow is Wed. so I’ll be coming up with something for Hump Day.


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