It’s a lil cold outside

Snowy weather has struck much of the grid from what I’ve seen and there’s a few out there who like to live amongst the northern climbs.  For you I have something a little different to set up and have some relaxing fun Ice Fishingin the snow.

Ice Fishing.

A small sculptured pond with room for up to four people to set around the edge at a time.  Two relaxing spots, and two fishing spots each with a different fishing animation.  Embedded and adjustable so there are no poseballs but no loss of functionality.

It is small enough and light enough in prims so that most can use it without any problems.  An included bucket of fish is separate so you can decide to use it or not.  Right click to sit, then click for the menu to choose which spot you want to sit on… click the stump to receive one of two fishing poles, one for one fishing anim…. the second for the other.

Have a good one.


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