Hump Day Special Sale!

It’s Wednesday!  That means I’m wrackin my brains to think of something…. today I decided to do something a little bigger. I’ve done a few different things and today well…. I decided to wander my store and mark down regular inventory items down to 0L$.

About 10 different items have been marked down from their normal prices to ZERO lindens through today and probably part of tomorrow as is my general custom.  I don’t sweat getting down there to change everything back right away which usually benefits all of you.

This does not count or include normal freebies that I have sprinkled around the store.  I don’t know how many realize but sometimes I put out freebies in the store in different areas.  What fun is it really to put things all around a nice neat little sign clearly marked ‘freebie’?  Sure I have a few up there but scattered there are other little things like……… a snow man sittin on a fence, a couple of winter cottages, a glass of milk (lol hey not everything is big).

The notice was sent and I’ve seen people wandering!

Happy Hump Day!


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