Hump Day Hawkers Program

I felt this needed its own introduction since this is a new project of mine as well as something that deserves its own explanation.

Always thinking, always trying to come up with something new to have some fun with around the store I began mulling over different ideas.  One that I kept coming back to was offering a bit of floor space to other merchants in a limited capacity once in awhile.  I didn’t want to open up rentals or have stores or do anything like that.  There’s far too many things like that already in my opinion.  You can’t turn around without stumbling on a rental stall or some thing of that nature anymore.

This has led me to the idea of the Hump Day Hawker.

Hawkers traditionally were peddlers who yelled out trying to get the casual observer to buy their wares.  My idea is this… once a month for a week, either the second or third week of the month unless otherwise planned, a vendor is chosen to display some of their goods at the Roawenwood.  Given a prim allotment and bit of space on the palettes at the landing point the chosen vendor may create a display for their week.

This is an experiment of sorts that I am hoping will produce some results.  If there aren’t enough applications or participants to have this as a regular thing on a monthly basis then it will be done as they come up or perhaps have a rotation where participating merchants can come back to show off their wares again.

For more information >> CLICK HERE << , get the notecards in world from the sign near the landing point or IM Searlait Nitschke for copies.


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