Holiday Hump Day Lovin

Greetings and hello again on a pleasant Hump Day.  For the most part at least.  I lost my internet last night and it wasn’t back until rather late today.  Of course this would be the one day that there are issues where I had to get things settled that I wasn’t expecting.  It always works that way doesn’t it?  *chuckles*

Now onto the Hump Day Goodies.

This weeks offer is a good one I think.  Last minute holiday shoppers will love this one…

For today and through tomorrow ONLY you can get a special discounted Roawenwood Gift Certificate for sale at the landing zone for 50% off of its face value.  What does this mean?

It means that a gift certificate valued at 2500L is for sale for 1250L.

Denominations go as low as 250L all the way up to 2500L giving you lots of room to play with.  If you are looking for last minute gift ideas… this is a great way to save some cash and still get the ones you love all that they are hoping for this holiday season.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has alllllllll your shopping done you can still take advantage of this in a sense getting yourself a 50% discount on whatever your little heart desires up to the face value of that certificate.

Don’t forget that there is the holiday lucky boxes and things going on as well all around the landing zone.

Enjoy your holidays and I wish you the best always.


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