December Picks Winner and a New Bed!

The month of December is about to bid us a fond farewell and a new year is just about to start!

Announcing this past months Picks Contest Winner!!


The winner receives 2000L and a 2000L store credit to be used on whatever strikes their fancy at Roawenwood.  If you’d like a chance to win all you have to do is come by the store, click on the board for the contest, place Roawenwood in your picks and you’re all set!  Each month the list is wiped clean and we start all over.  On the last day of the month I will draw at random a winner and send out another notice.   A new winner will be drawn around January 31st.Burlwood Engraved Bed

This past months winner was Beth Lavender!!   Congrats!!  *throws confetti up in the air blanketing everyone*


Recently a customer approached decorating their home and loved some of the furniture that I had released with the slipper tubs.  Their inquiry after an exhaustive search of my store was… “is there a bed that matches this furniture?  I’d love to have one.”    **smacks self in the forehead** Now why didn’t I think of that?

So voilBurlwood Bed Cool Tonesa!  After working away up in my workshop a brand new release that I think accents the furniture very well tying it all together and just looks sooo inviting.  There’s a reading bench to match with embedded anims as well as a nightstand to round it out.

The bed weighs in at 18 prims, has a MLP v2 Menu with 43 different couples sets (good ones too!  Not the ones generally passed out and around… I purchased all of these myself from various animators), and 3 singles lays embedded into the pillows.  Available in two fabric shades…. Warm and Cool


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