Such a beautiful day…

Ahhh, the sun rose and the air was crisp.  I got up early with the intent of having a few hours of quiet time before everything got charged up for the day to get some stuff done and well… of course real life had other plans.

Ravaged PURPLE PICBut still I proceeded to move forward and get everything done that I intended even if it was a little bit later than I had anticipated.  Today was HUMP DAY!  Yay!!  Wednesday has rolled around and Roawenwood didn’t fail to deliver once again.  Today was a Hump Day Hunt.  I had one item tucked away in a little pile of gold on the sim for everyone to find for this weeks bit of fun.  I wanted to do something besides another sale.  I know people look forward to them and all but you know getting a small little gift or something just for taking the time to come over is a great thing too.

I also had a HUGE release day.  TWO new camisk outfits, changed out the MM boards with new items, and new lucky chair stuff.  Whew!  Technically one of the camisks is the Naughty Bits set ‘reloaded’ and recolored.  I’ve had a few requests for other colors… finally getting around to it.  The other camisk set is Ravaged.  Ripped up a bit in patterned burlap, ropes criss crossing keeping it tied together, one with a modesty layer, one without… a thong panty is included for those who need it.   6 different color options.

And brand new in the lucky chairs:  I’m gearing up for the holiday season and figured I’d get a little bit of a head start for allFrosted Outfit PIC of ya.  Have plans to add things to the chairs over the next month so I’ll update as more is added.  Last month we were wicked, this month we’re frosty.  A bit more feminine and for something a little colorful a pair of slippers with holiday flair.

With everything going on today it feels like I should be saying more but I’m tired.  I’m heading to bed and I’ll be around tomorrow to pick up the pile of gold, and raise up the prices on the Naughty Camisk (special 50% off for Hump Day).

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, till next time!


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