So so bad

I know, I didn’t update.  **hangs head in shame**

It’s just…………… terrible.

I have been trying to work on and catch up a bit.  Winter is going to be coming to the Five Blades sim soon.  So I’m trying to work out in my head just how I’m going to do it.  We’re going to have ice skating again… that much I know!

Now… onto important matters.

Yesterday was HUMP DAY!  And the winners for the previous weeks contest were announced to the update list.  I picked three winners and upon gazing upon their lovely profiles I found that EACH of them had Roawenwood in their picks!  Sooo flattered and it’s just so awesome soooooo I sent along an extra lil gifty of 1000L cash to each of them along with the 1000L Gift Certificate they won for participating.

The winners are: Kali Folland, Sexxxy Viper, and Larkie Mistwalker

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for participating, I love getting ideas and feedback from my customers.

As a part of the Hump Day Happenins I had all clothing and accessories on sale for 50% off.

Campfire Cookin CauldronNext week…… **trills out singing loudly**  NEXT week I want to do something that doesn’t have to cost ya’ll anything but something to participate in too so keep your eyes peeled.  Update list subscribers get special notices about Hump Day Happenins at Roawenwood so click click…. sign up if you’re interested.

I released some bakery items.  An oven, breads, cakes, display counters and a bakers workstation.  I thought it’d be a nice addition to the rp furniture.  I may add onto it over time but there’s some scrumptious looking food down there on the landing pad.  It will be moved to the one building with the rest of the kitchen gear soon.

I also released a lil campfire cooking spot.  It’s got a hanging cauldron and animated.  Like usual it is embedded animation so you don’t have an extra poseball.  I do avoid them when I can, but the pose is still adjustable so different avatars can use it.

I’m going to have more updates comin up… been revamping a couple things and will be releasing some newness soon!  Chores, clothing, and more comin up.

Take care and until I babble again.


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