Rub a dub dub…. come take a look at my tub

This past week I have had some really marvelous updates around the store.  A brand new set of bath tubs, a slipper tub with Slipper Tub in Bronze MLPsome really awesome texturing giving it a depth and look that I really adore.  It comes in four different metal tones…. bronze, black, pewter, or gold.  The display model is the bronzed version, which is I must say my favorite though I do like the other ones quite a bit too.  The tub has been given an MLP menu with FIVE different couples bathing animation sets.  That’s quite a bit… different scrubbing, caressing, and snuggly type bathing sets.  Then on top of that there is two different cuddles, and three single animations for the solo bather.  Quite a bit to choose from while you soak away your troubles.

Released with the tub I put together a couple pieces of furniture to accent them.  A large shelf unit, some greenery, a bureau accessorized with candles, folded towels and a few other pieces along with a plain bureau without the accessories.  The cabinets and things have working drawers/doors.  They’re custom textured and made of sculpted prims.

The Rustic Tub has been updated with the new animations and MLP menu as well.

I also placed out an Artists Set.  The set comes with an easel that has 21 different paintings to choose from for the canvas.  An embedded painting animation is included in the easel along with props so you can paint away.  The thing is sold as a set with a small table, painting accessories, and blank canvas.  Everything you need to set up a small studio.

Vulo Accessory Kit PIC v2Going a lil vulo crazy there is a large role play set over in the work area.  A whole lot of lil birds, roosts, three different egg gathering chores, fencing and accessories for anyone who wants to start a vulo farm or have a bit of fun with their role play.  It is a different twist on the normal chicken/vulo sets.  I think it turned out to be a fun little thing…. even have a vulo nested inside an overturned bucket.  *chuckles*

There is so much going on at Roawenwood… more and more things coming soon, and the winter set up is coming along very nicely.  If you’ve been by you’ll see random prims flying by and a lot of white snowy stuff starting to show up on rooftops and along the ground.Gathering Vulo Eggs v2

I’m half hating that the snow is coming…. it’s going to get a wee bit cold real soon! I love the ice skating though… at least winter doesn’t last as long at my place as it does in real life!!  LOL  enjoy and don’t forget Wed. isn’t that far away, keep your eyes peeled for my hump day fun stuff.


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