Fabulous Friday

Woot!  Friday.  It’s here!

I always try to have a few releases around friday and this week is no different.  This one is a bit out of my norm, a prefab.  I don’t do these very often but I got into this kick, making gardens and things this past month…. so I came up with a walled garden.  It’s really quite pretty,  I called it “Tranquility Walled Garden”.

It is copy/modify so you can alter, have more than one, expand or even take away pieces.  I tried to set the linksets to make Tranquility Garden PICfor easy customization whether you want to save prims or just have it different than I set up.  The lanterns, fountains, trees, flooring, fencing/walls, and gates are all done separately so you can pull them not using them at all… or alter to suit.

It’s about 25×25, decent sized and weighs in at 155 prims total for all of it.  The trees have texture change, each have 17 different leaf textures so you can have it switch with you during the seasons.  Autumn colors or spring or summer.  The fountains are very pretty I think and the whole thing just feels peaceful.  I have a tp to where it is rezzed down at the landing point at the moment… it’s tucked alongside the furniture buildings and will probably stay there for now at least.

Garden Wall Lantern PICI released the lanterns that are on the side as a separate set too because I just really like them.  They’re 6 prims apiece, look like a lot more and have smooth sculptured lines.  Distressed a bit, a lil rusty… gives a very nice atmosphere to a space… soft glowing light, and the flame can be turned off with a click.  Very simple but classic I think.  They are available on Xstreet too.

I have a couple sets of work or role play sets coming out real soon.  I have to work on getting the posters done.  I also have a few sets of clothes coming out.  My Naughty Bits camisk reloaded so to speak, another camisk set that is shaping up nicely… and I have a winter thing I’m working on.  Of course, I do have something that is rolling around in my head.  I want to do something fancy for the holidays.  I’m not sure what’s going to shape up but I’m thinking something delicate.  I haven’t done anything really delicate in awhile so perhaps I’m due.

There’s going to be a fun holiday outfit set that I’m going to roll out just for something different.  Not really Gorean but that’s ok… not everything has to be right?  *winks*

Whew.  You know reading all that, I’m tired already.  I just can’t seem to sit still for very long.

Take care and talk soon!


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