Did you ever just have one of those weeks?

This week has been so odd.  I swear and I’m not kidding here, that I thought TODAY was Wednesday… gearing up to do something for everyone like I have the past few weeks.  Of course… today isn’t Wednesday, it is Thursday. *pauses*


Yes.. I realized it this morning.  I did one of those… “oh hey, wait a minute… what’s today?”  Insert another pause…. “ahhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhi……..”

So yes… this week I dropped the ball.  I feel terrible too, I have a lot of fun with my Wednesdays.  SO!  On that note I am going to be sending out an extra bit of lovin to my update group (I’m thinking a gift certificate with something tucked inside maybe) and next week I’ll have a big red note on my calendar so I don’t miss which day I’m on.

I swear…. if I didn’t keep notes I’d be lost, but then again half the time I lose my notes so I’m thinkin I’m just gonna have to wing it.


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