A big thank you… and a bit of an update

I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving day… and I was busy making turkey and the whole big feast thing for the family… but I wanted to give a quick thanks to all of you who wander by.  I’m very thankful to all of my customers, friends, and everyone in between, I hope I get that across in my dealings with you.  I know sometimes life happens and passes by so fast that it is easy to forget that.  Easy to forget to let people know how much you care about them, and how much you appreciate them even for all of the little things… It’s been great being able to be involved in Second Life, I have enjoyed it so much and hope that continues on into the new year.   Happy holidays!!

Wool - Carding PICI figured I’d toss out there a couple of news items for around the store.  There are three grid hunts that I am participating in coming up soon.

The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt kicks off this weekend.  My gift item is already out and has been for a couple of days because they were wanting it done before the Thanksgiving holiday.  It might be of interest to more than just Goreans, it is a little more generic than ones I’ve offered in hunts past.  A few pieces of furniture, low prim but nice.

I’m also doing a couple hunts in December, one starts the first… another starts on the fifth.  A few things to look forward to.

There are quite a few fans of work and chore related or role play related accessories, you guys are going to be interested in this one. Wool - Spinning Wheel PIC

On the palette there is three different sewing or knitting pillows, a knitting stool, spinning wheel, wool carding set, and a rocker.  The rocker has two versions… one with three singles sits just to relax, and the other has an added set of knitting and sewing animations along with sewing basket to accent.  I wanted to make sure that the ladies out there had the opportunity to have something a little more feminine for their parlor or home as well.  The knitting and sewing pillows are a bit distressed, nice colors, and all floor based.  Sitting on the pillow sewing and kneeling while knitting.  Comes with accessories.  The spinning wheel is lovingly crafted out of sculptured prims and textured really nicely.  Perfect for work, or display… it has multiple speeds for the wheel, click to toggle the wheel on or off, or to adjust the speed.  The stool comes seperately so you can adjust it as you need.

Sewing & Knitting Pillow Rocker - Ladies

Cutting this post a little short but I do have more I’m going to write up tomorrow probably or very soon.


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