Workin hard or hardly workin?

Friday I made a few releases but didn’t post about them.  This week has been different since family has been in town so I’m a little behind in a few things or distracted.  I got the latest version of Photoshop too!  YAY!  Of course, now I gotta crack that baby open…. I’m -really- wanting to get a graphics tablet, that’ll be my next big purchase.  Anyhow onto the more interesting news for ya’ll.

Three brand new chores!  Technically four but one is similar to the other.  First up we have for all the laundresses, and hard working ladies out there a new ironing station.  My first is a kneeling one, this one is standing with a largerIroning Chore v2 PIC table, draped linens, and a shelf with folded linens.  I’ve added in the package a laundry basket too that isn’t pictured on the box.  I know not everyone really identified with the kneeling one and this one is a lot less prims, only 9 for the table which helps for people who want to have this sort of thing out and about… but have to be careful.

Second is the kneeling washing dishes station that I had for the 25L Tuesday last week.  Nicely animated like my other chores, dunking your arms into the water.  Lots of dishes spread around and rustic type texturing.  I thought it would be great for camps and things like that since the basin is a tub.  That makes it a little unique in its own way.

Third and final chore release was a beating the rugs, and then beating the furs.  Simple styling, rugs or furs tossed up over top of the line, and a rug beater includBeating Furs PICed… just click to receive and then right click to sit and get to work.

All the chores have embedded adjustable sits so that you don’t have any ugly hover text… no extra poseballs to add to the prims and ease of use.

Beyond the chores I have been adding lil autumn accents around the landing zone.  Cornstalks, pumpkin patches, a scarecrow, straw bales… that sort of thing.  They all look really nice and have been created to give you something fun for the season or your farm.


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