Thank you!

I saw these before but hadn’t blogged about it.

Silks of SL reviewed three of my outfits recently.  It’s always a bit daunting for me when I see em, sit up a lil straighter.  There’s always some pics of the outfits which I have to look over hopin that the things look as good on someone else than when I try to create them.

It’s so cool seeing people that take the time to write and post about things.  The outfits that were reviewed are the Anysia silks, Midice silks, and the Volupia Netted Livery… very cool, thank you so much for taking the time and the feedback.

Another blog that creeped up and caught my eye recently is the Feeling Lucky one.  Olympia Oakleaf posts lil blurbs about places and their prize offerings for lucky chair etc.  I swear this past week when I changed my lucky chair prize within minutes the blog was updated with a photo of the latest I had put in there. LOL  Fun stuff!

I appreciate the work folks put into blogging, reviewing, and all of that.  Usually don’t ask for anything in return, do lots of work, and do help us out.  So Thank You!!


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  1. Roewan Kline

    It’s my pleasure truly, and honestly it’s amazing of designers like you to share your art with the rest of us! I never could have come up with something so beautiful!

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